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A Sassy Sleuth's Book Cover Reveals

The New Series comes Out November 1st for PreOrder!

The book covers are in and the pre-orders will be available starting Nov. 1st for the 3-book series: A Sassy Sleuth's Mystery. These glamorous covers are the creations of The series follows Sassy Sleuth Kaitlyn Sasse as she assists the private eye she works for, and secretly loves, in solving crimes. Or is she the one with the detective skills?

Here are the book covers and descriptions.

Book 1: Hot on the Heels

Quitting the catwalk for a quieter life, former model, Kaitlynn Sasse, returns home to Diamond Springs to find her friends all striving for success. Ava Price, one of Kait’s best besties, has just started a new shoe line for her store, Sensational Soles, that is sure to beat her competitor, GlamShoe Maven. But, when a shoplifter dies with a stolen pair of prototype heels on her feet, Ava becomes the prime suspect. Kait wants to help by hiring private investigator Aeson East, but he won’t take a case until he can find a new assistant. Could Kait be the right sleuth for the job? Or is the world of modeling too alluring to kiss goodbye forever?

Book 2: Head Over Heels

Victoria Jelant of Victress Cosmetics Implicated in Death of Mystery Shopper

Just when Kait Sasse thought work would slow down so Aeson "Ace" East, P.I., could finally admit his feelings for her, Kait's friend is implicated in a wrongful death suit linked to her cosmetics brand. She convinces Ace to take the case, assuming this is Victoria's best shot. But, as the investigation gets underway, Ace becomes convinced Victoria is guilty of homicide. Now, Kait must stand up to Ace to save her friend from a life in imprison.

Will their differing views cost Kait her job, her friend’s innocence, and the possible romance of a lifetime? 

Book 3: Heels Dug In

Mondragon Cruises has a spotless reputation—until a vacation spot en route routinely leaves the ship with missing persons. Desperate for answers, Lizzy, the new heir of the cruise line, hires Kaitlynn Sasse and her boss, P.I. Aeson “Ace" East, to investigate. They agree, and go undercover, posing as husband and wife. But, as they embark on new territory, will Aeson and Kait find more than a professional partnership in their future? Or will Kait end up the next missing person on the cruise line? 

Thanks for reading and hope you'll enjoy this new series!

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