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A Witch's Thrift Shop Book 3

Cover reveal!

I am busily working on Book 3 of A Witch's Thrift Shop Mystery: Wicked Wishlists. I'm super excited to do this cover reveal today! This is my favorite book of the series so far.

I can't give much of the plot away yet, but I can say this much:

The book picks up where Bewitching Bargains left off. The morning after Sebastian Devlaux's and Titania Knight's engagement party, a body is discovered in the Delvaux family mansion. The corpse has clearly been hexed. But who killed him?

I'm still debating how much to reveal in the official book blurb, but I will say we will discover more about the characters of Magic Row, including Alice and her unknown history, in this book. And Alice may have a chance for a budding romance–dare I say even a magical one? 

I will post the official book summary and more details next week. The goal is to get the preorder out in the next couple of weeks and the book out sometime next month.

In the meantime, Book 2: Bewitching Bargains is on sale now on Amazon and B&N for only 99 cents.

Thanks for reading!

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