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An Eye on the Otherworld - Part 2

Maren Raines, character from The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries, dishes on the grim reaper’s visit to Gooseberry bakery. *Spoilers ahead.*

Fluttering hearts in the air
Love is in the air in Moss Hill

So a while ago I mentioned in a previous post that I saw the ankou meeting with a sidhe, which is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Just picture an immortal faerie meeting with a grim reaper in a booth at a bakery. Can you imagine my shock? I always thought the ancient fae hated the grim reaper, for obvious reasons. Who would fear death more than a person who is supposed to live forever? I’ve heard stories about how the bansidhe (or banshees as some people call them) mourn for their lost loves – forever is a long time to be without someone.

I know the ankou is actually a Mossie who died recently, Alden Everly. Ah, it feels great to actually say it! I really, really wanted to tell everyone before, but Cari said it was a secret. Alden’s breaking a rule or something by letting people see him. Anyway, he really blew his cover recently, but that’s a story for another time.

The question right now is, why was he meeting with a captain of the sidhe guard, Varick? I asked Cari about it. How could I not? I thought some kind of secret conspiracy was going on.

I was wrong. Cari pointed out the obvious. Varick’s in love with Alden’s sister, Jane. A sidhe and a druidess, it’s not impossible. But the sidhe don’t usually fall in love with humans. The whole immortal/mortal problem gets in the way. It’s a “star-crossed lovers” scenario – so romantic!

I saw them at the Second Street Pub the other day, him pining, her shying away. Will they or won’t they fall in love? Argh, it’s so infuriating not knowing!

Jane didn’t want to talk about it but I’m going to think they’ll be together one day. Cari says she’s not sure that will happen. She also says it’s not our business. She says a lot of things, but I think deep down she’s a romantic. She just doesn’t realize it yet.

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