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Author Update: A Witch's Thrift Shop Book 2

The 2nd book in A Witch's Thrift Shop is nearly done.

A Witch's Thrift Shop Mystery book 1, Mysterious Merchandise, comes out in just a few days on March 15th. Meanwhile, I've been hard at work on book 2.

Here's a first look at Bewitching Bargains:



        Alice Adelcraft is pretending to be a witch to fit into the community of Magic Row, a street full of shops for those talented with psychic visions and spell casting abilities. She has befriended the owner of A Witch's Thrift Shop, where a saleswoman has quit without notice. While the open position is good news for the teen witch, Hazel, whom Alice has recommended for the job, she can't help but wonder what happened to the employee, Mara Blest. Hazel and her twin brother, Zade, are sure that Mara is missing. When their palm-reader mother get's a hazy vision of a murder and odd incidences begin to occur at the thrift shop, Alice worries she's placed Hazel in a dangerous position. Can she keep the twins safe? And is Mara Blest the victim of a terrible crime - or the culprit?

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