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Back to Moss Hill

From Cozy Fantasy to Sci-fi and back, here's where I've been lately.

It wasn't supposed to be a hiatus from social media, but after my last book, Potions and Panic, I took some time to try to figure out my writing, my life, and my writing life.

See, I love cozy mysteries, but I also love writing science fiction, children's books, and fantasy stories. I have so many stories in my mind, I wonder if I'll ever have time to write them all. True story: Back when I was a teacher, my family used to call me the "absent minded professor" because mind is always in another place.

Recently, it's been in an alternate reality, a parallel realities science fiction to be specific, and I'm hoping to get that book out into this universe in December. It's currently being torn to shreds by a writer's group and however much of it survives will be remolded into a story on my weekends. I'll announce it's arrival later this year at some yet-to-be determined time.

Where am I today? Today I'm back in Moss Hill. I'm drafting the outline to Talismans and Turmoil, where our friends Carissa and Cameron are on their way to Hy Brasil to appeal to the Tuatha de Danann for their help. Sailing the high seas might prove dangerous with all the water fae out there.

Speaking of water fae, I'll have plenty of Fae Archive postings about our different faerie friends (and enemies) from mythology on this site over the next two months. I also have some letters from various Moss Hill characters to our travelers and vice-versa so that we don't lose track of the Mossies while Carissa is away. Those letters will only be published here, so check back often to keep in the loop.

I promised readers that the next Faerie Apothecary Mysteries book would be out in October and I'm determined to make that deadline earlier if I can. Either way a promise is a promise, so it will be done by October by the very latest.

That's all for now, but I'll try to update you more often about how the writing is going. If you're interested in seeing any specific type of blog posts, have suggestions for a blog topic, or have any questions for me, you can connect with me on twitter @AstoriaWright or on the Astoria Wright Author page on Facebook.

Wish me and my characters luck on our adventure!

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