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Book 2: Remedy and Ruins Out Now

Remedy and Ruins, the unique, Halloween themed second book in The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries is available now on Amazon!

Happy Halloween! If you're looking for a Halloween themed cozy to read on the holiday, Remedy and Ruins is one to consider. It features an old castle, hauntings, faerie folk, an All Hallows Eve celebration and more!

This book is a bit more layered than the prequel and the first book. The story begins with several smaller mysteries that eventually merge together into one. Keeping the mood light, there are plenty of cute scenes with the nature faeries and even a mystery among them - though the little sprite Chaos is a mystery who will continue to surprise Carissa through the series. While the main mystery is resolved, some smaller questions will remain at the end of this book.

Several people have mentioned that the first two books are appropriate for any age, including younger children. I'm very happy that this is the case. I will always keep the books cozy. However, there are a few things in this book I'd rather parents were aware of if they are considering reading these books with younger children.

Remedy and Ruins includes a character named Clancy who is a clurichaun. Clurichauns are similar to leprechauns. What may not be appropriate for younger readers is that clurichauns love to drink. In the book, Barnaby, the leprechaun, is trying to get his wayward drunken cousin, Clancy, on the right path. There are references to his drinking habit, though Clancy never actually gets drunk during the events of the book. In addition, there is a scene involving some magical fighting (nothing graphic) and the main villain might be too scary for young children. Knowing that people had mentioned the books were good for young readers, I tried to keep any descriptions as cozy as possible. I just wanted to mention this in case anyone is reading this series with children.

There are many parts of the storyline of these books that I am borrowing and/or adapting from legend. In the next few posts on this site, I'd like to dive in a little bit to the mythology involved in the books. I've decided to post twice a week, one time during the week and once each weekend. I'm not setting particular days for this, but stay tuned for the bi-weekly posts on the mysterious island of Moss Hill and its charming residents.

Thanks for reading!

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