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Great Escapes Book Tour is hosting Mysterious Merchandise from March 16th to March 22nd.

Mysterious Merchandise Book Tour starts March 15th

Great Escapes Book Tours are virtual tours hosted by reviewers on a wide variety of sites. The Mysterious Merchandise tour will include book reviews, a guest posts by your truly, and a guest post by a character from the book. There are also interviews, including one with the cat that sets the whole story in motion.

Go to the tour page to see the list of blog stops on the way. Until then, here's an excerpt from the very beginning of the book. If it sparks your interest, you can buy book 1 of A Witch's Thrift Shop Mystery series, Mysterious Merchandise, from the link below.

Except from Mysterious Merchandise:

      "I am a witch, but the heroine you will meet today is not. Her name is Alice. To tell her story, I will have to turn back time to a year ago, on a rainy fall morning, when the leaves were turning, and the streets were drowning, and Alice Adelcraft was just walking into an unassuming store in the middle of main street. I will not enter this story - not until the very end of the last chapter, of the last book in what might be the last days of Alice’s life. When I do, you’ll likely be rooting for Alice (quite rightly so), but I hope you’ll also be able to forgive me. And more importantly, I dare to dream, so will Alice.


     A bell dinged overhead. The door opened, a gust of wind smacking it shut seconds later, just in time to hit Alice Adelcraft from behind. At least she’d won the battle with her umbrella. She dumped it into the stand by the entrance and ignored the temporary soreness where the doorknob had hit her spine.

      Rain, like Morse code from an old-timey war movie, beat down on the windows with the message that a storm was on its way. Safe inside, Alice unwrapped her scarf and gave a mummy-worthy groan. It was a fitting sound for the pitch darkness and the musty smell reminding her of an Egyptian tomb.

      Not that Alice had been around in ancient times. Or to Egypt. She was half-Egyptian on her mother’s side, English on her father’s, but at twenty-eight, the most mysterious place she’d ever been was in this room, which she couldn’t see in the pitch darkness."

Mysterious Merchandise is on PreOrder now on Amazon. Order today to have it magically delivered to your kindle on March 15th.

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