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Herbs and Homicide Cover Design

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Cover design is tricky business, but with the right designer, it's magical!

So, I scoured e-stores, wandered through websites, and perused pinterest only to find Fiverr's amazing artist: Viyiwi. This designer has serious talent.

She worked tirelessly with me to create the cover for Herbs and Homicide, which I think came out beautifully:

Carissa, main character, holding a vial in front of apothecary shelves.
Herbs and Homicide Book 1 Cover

I debated a lot as to whether to include the main character's face on the cover. After reading posts on Goodreads and with plenty of readers who did not care to see faces on covers and plenty who either didn't mind or liked seeing the main character, I finally decided to include it.

This cover features Carissa Shae, who is the owner of an apothecary shop. You may notice the hint of a point at the top of Carissa's ears, which is a subtle nod to her half-elf heritage. More obvious is the nature faerie, also known as a sprite, sitting on her shoulder. That is Chaos. She's a feisty sprite from Mexico who has relocated to Moss Hill fairly recently. Although Chaos is not the main character of the story, she does feature prominently in the series and is a large part of the novella prequel to The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries: Chaos in the Countryside. In case you were wondering what she's doing in Carissa's corner of the world, that question is answered in the novella, available October 5th.

My favorite part of this cover is the magical glow of the vial. What's in the vial? Why is it glowing? Why does this seem to scare the two characters? To find out, you'll have to read the book! It'll be available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats on September 30th.

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