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March News!

Don't have a pot of gold to spend on books? March is a month of deals!


So far, I've written four of the seven books in the The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries and I've received over 100 reviews on Goodreads!

To say thank you, I want to put the entire series on sale on St. Patrick's day. You can get all books in the series for 99 cents each, that's under $4 for the whole set up to this point.

Of course, Chaos in the Countryside is still free. You can download it here.

To get the rest of the series click the links below:

So, don't forget to order your copies on March 17th!


Herbs and Homicide will be on Audible by the end of the month. This audiobook is narrated by Elizabeth Klett (@elizabethaudio on Twitter) as is Chaos in the Countryside, which is already out on audible.

Book 2, Remedy and Ruins, is also being recorded this month and should be out in April or May.

A heartfelt thanks to Elizabeth Klett for recording the series with her incredible narration.

Future Projects:

Right now, I'm drafting Potions and Panic, which will be out on Amazon in May. I'm simultaneously working on the short stories about various characters from Moss Hill. I'll keep you updated on new releases.

Thanks for reading!

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