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Mysterious Merchandise

New author Merch selling on Society 6!

I opened a storefront on Society6 in November featuring artwork from The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries. Now, I've added to it. I'm happy to share the new additions with you.

For those who might not know, Society6 is a website that puts artwork on everyday things like mugs, totes, pillows, and so much more. There are also art prints for those who might just want to display the art itself in their homes. They also have furniture such as coffee tables and credenzas.

Here's the link to the Novelwright Store on Society6:

Right now, there are four designs related to The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries:

- A map of Moss Hill

- Two nature faeries

- Carissa and Cameron's new home in a winter theme.

- I've added new artwork of Carissa and Cameron's home in a spring theme!

What's also new is A Witch's Thrift Shop merchandise. I've added a cat with a magic wand. Who is the cat? Who owns the wand? To find out, you'll have to read the books. I'm happy to announce that the first book, Mysterious Merchandise, is now available for pre-order.

I have a lot of other ideas and will be adding to the store throughout the year. I'm open to suggestions, so if there is any scene from Moss Hill or Urbana that you would like to see in art form, let me know!

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