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New Year, New Resolution

Last Year's Goals

In 2019, my goals were:

1. To read 25 books

2. To write 4 books

3. To post more on social media

My results?

I read 16 books, wrote 8 books, and posted often, though not regularly, on this blog, Twitter and Facebook.

I didn't reach all of my goals, but that's okay. I still managed to achieve a lot of things I wanted to do.

This Year's Goals

For 2020, I decided to make a Vision board and do a little manifesting of my goals. Now, I don't really believe that just envisioning myself as a successful, healthy, happy woman will automatically make it so. Goals don't manifest without hard work. But, I do believe there is power in positive thinking, so with a goal-oriented frame of mind, I made the following Vision board:

My 2020 Goals:

1. Getting in shape. Last year I lost 10 pounds (having gained 15 the year before) and I was dealing with some health issues that I tackled with the help of a naturopath. This year, I'm hoping to lose more, but more than the weight, I want to eat right, exercise and finally have the energy I need to get all of my other goals accomplished.

2. Read 1 book and listen to 1 audiobook per month. Last year, despite having good intentions, I read ebooks and listened to audiobooks somewhat sporadically, which is why this year I'm determined to make Sundays a reading day, rain or shine. (Preferably rain, which makes for the best reading environments.)

3. Be mentally centered. This year I'm determined to do some daily meditation, journaling, and general relaxation for my mental health. I'm determined to overcome my issues with anxiety, which is sometimes a struggle for me.

4. Write 10 books or more: I have outlined a general writing schedule for next year and I'm determined to write at least 10 books (though some of these will be novellas). I already have them in mind and have outlined the first series I'll be working on this year.

I'll be announcing the name of the new series and the cover at the end of my upcoming Facebook Party on January 9th, though a release date has not been determined yet.

5. Publish 1 Blog Post per Week: I plan to post to the blog every Wednesday. Last year I tried posting three times per week and I was able to keep up with it for several months before it got overwhelming. It's hard to be original and insightful three times a week, but I think I can manage to at least be entertaining once a week.

So, that's it, just five goals this year. I think this is a doable list for me. As I end this post, I'm holding up my coffee cup and wishing everyone the best for the new year. Here's to a productive, happy, and healthy 2020 for all of us!

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