A Sassy Sleuth's Mystery Series

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

The new series comes out in November.

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There's a new series coming out soon: A Sassy Sleuth's Mystery series.

I'm straying away from cozy fantasy but not from cozy mysteries. This series centers around a private investigator's assistant with an eye for detail and a set of heels to match. Her name is Kaitlyn Sasse and she has plenty of sass for the murder mysteries she comes across.

Image modified from Pexels.com

The series involves three novellas, each just over 100 pages. They will all be on pre-order in November, but the first one will be available to read on November 15th. All of them will be on kindle unlimited as well.

Image modified from Pexels.com

Each book will be available for purchase for $.99 - but only during preorder.

The three book titles are:

Book 1: Hot on the Heels

Book 2: Head over Heels

Book 3: Heels Dug In

More information and cover reveals coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

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