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Spellbinding Sales Sneak Peak

See the summary of the upcoming Book 4 in A Witch's Thrift Shop: Spellbinding Sales!


    While the witches and wizards of Magic Row are preparing for an oncoming storm, Alice Adelcraft is searching for a warlock threatening the city of Urbana. When a potential witness to the warlock’s crimes turns up dead, Alice believes Urbana is about to be hit by more than a hurricane. Her worst fears are realized when she is confronted with a confusing warning: Surrender Your Magic or Die. 

Although she has come to love the magical community, especially a certain wizard who hasn’t yet shown signs of returning the feeling, Alice has no magic of her own. If only Alice's genie could make her a witch instead of helping her pretend to be one, then she might be able to protect the community. More importantly, Alice might understand why a seer is saying that she is the key to saving Urbana—or destroying it.

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