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Talismans Teaser

Carissa Shae, the main character of The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries cozy fantasy series, gives a special look into Book 6: Talismans and Turmoil.

Carissa looking at a glowing talisman necklace
Carissa's Journey is About to Take a Turn

We set sail today. I'm on a mission to persuade the Tuatha de Danann of Hy Brasil to keep the faerie world and the human world open to each other. If I succeed, we'll have the chance to create a whole world like Moss Hill, where fae and human neighbors can live together in peace. This means that humanity will have to be told of the existence of the fae, but I think they can handle it - as long as the fae they meet are the good-natured, seelie faeries.

If I fail, the Tuatha de Danann will close off the Otherworld from the human one and we will have to choose. The Tuatha de Danann would try to keep the fae with the fae, but as powerful as they are, they can't make sure that all the unseelie, evil fae in the human realms would be on the otherworld side of the barrier they create. Humans would be defenseless against any unseelie who stay in the human realm.

And the unseelie would stay. They say they hate humans, but they just want to rule them. To use their magic without following any of the seelie principles that keep the fae from harming humans or bringing them into their will - that's their goal. Humans would be helpless, which means Moss Hill would be defenseless.

Part humans like me, we'd be the ones to stay behind. And even though I have some Tuatha de Danann magic in myself, I don't think I'm strong enough to fight the unseelie without help. Fortunately, I'm not going on this mission alone. I've got my fiancé, Cam, two elves, Hela and Fen, and my unusual changeling neighbor, Tabitha and her boyfriend Otto.

Strangely, Sal also wanted to come along. For him, this journey is more about discovering his roots as a rhys dwfen. He wants to visit the island to find out more about his parents' mysterious deaths. I hope he finds the answers he needs, and, even though this mission is dangerous should the unseelie catch wind of it, I'm glad he's with us. Hopefully, we'll all be safe along the way.

Together, maybe we can convince the Tuatha de Danann to help unite fae and humans around the world, and keep Moss Hill the eclectic community we all love.

Talismans and Turmoil is out now on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

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