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Things to Look Forward to in 2021

Books and more are in the works for this year.


  • New gift to subscribers each month.

  • New series coming out in August.

Goodbye to 2020!

2020 was an interesting year, and that's putting it nicely. While my family and I are all well, I know a lot of people can't say the same, and my heart goes out to all who struggled this year whether financially, physically, or emotionally. I've got my fingers crossed, hoping that 2021 will see the end of the pandemic and better times for everyone.

Hello, 2021!

This year, in addition to my usual New Year's resolutions, I'm trying to be more grateful for all the good things in my life. One of those things is this website and the opportunity to be a self-published author. To show you my gratitude for reading my books, I've decided to send a digital gift to my subscriber's each month. They're just small tokens of my appreciation like a planner, puzzles, short stories, bookmarks, and other such things.

I won't be publishing a new series until at least August this year. I have some other projects in mind, and I want to make sure I'm giving my full attention to everything I do. There may be a few small surprises in store. I will keep in touch through the blog and let you know as I get closer to publishing the first book in the new series.

What new series is that? Moss Hill Mysteries! Who are the main characters? What's it about? I'll write another post answering these and many more questions in the future, but until then, take care, keep cozy, and thanks for reading!

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