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After the damage done by a hurricane, the vendors of Magic Row are cleaning up. With the worry of a warlock in the wind some of them are considering clearing out of Urbana for good. The highest ranking witches and wizards have come to the city to catch the criminal warlock, O’Crowly, whose secret plans have the everyone on edge. The Seer is nowhere in sight to set the troubled community at ease.
For the first time since she discovered the magical community, Alice Adelcraft believes she has powers of her own to help her new friends. But Alice is showing no signs of talent in her lessons with the handsome wizard Sebastian Delvaux, and her genie, Naveed, is no longer there to protect her. Naveed has ventured off with his newfound sister to find his missing family members. He’s no longer answering Alice’s wishes, which makes things all the worse when she discovers O’Crowly may still be after her. 
Will Alice Adelcraft unleash her inner witch in time to save herself and her magical friends from the warlock’s evil plans?

Vexed Vendors

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