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Books by Astoria Wright 


The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries

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         Welcome to the quaint and quiet countryside of Moss Hill, one of the few places left on earth where humans and Fae live together on more-or-less friendly terms. This close-knit community faces changes when a little nature faerie named Chaos comes to town. She arrives with a warning: The evil Fae called the Unseelie are already here! When the murder and mayhem begins, it's up to the half-human, half-elf Carissa Shae to follow Chaos's clues to solve a string of mysteries and save her beloved town from the Unseelie. The fate of two worlds depends on her. 


A Sassy Sleuth's Mystery

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Join former model Kaitlyn Sasse as she returns to her hometown of Diamond Springs, New York and discovers an old friend is accused of murder! When she hires private eye Aeson "Ace" East, it's the beginning of a beautiful partnership. In these three novellas, Kait proves she has the sass and sleuth's instincts to solve any mystery that comes her way.

Witch's Thrift Shop.png

A Witch's Thrift Shop

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       Alice Adelcraft has worked in an antique shop called Many Treasures for years. In that time, she's seen many unusual customers, but the strangest visitor to enter the shop is a cat named Hex. When Alice tries to find the owner, Hex takes her to a place she's never seen before. In fact, it's a street that shouldn't be there: Magic Row. The streets have names like A Witch's Thrift Shop, and customers like the ones who occasionally dropped by Many Treasures. Alice has a chance to befriend real witches and wizards and discover a thing or two about magic and about herself. But Magic Row is full of secrets and mysteries, ones that might put Alice and her new friends in danger. And ones Alice can only solve with objects she finds in A Witch's Thrift Shop. 


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       It's Christmas Eve and a certain Faerie is stirring. An audio and written version of this heartwarming Christmas poem are available exclusively for subscribers.


  Curious to see Nan’s poetry club anthology?

    Here is the Moss Hill Poet’s Society's 2018 collection. This poetry is meant to be enjoyed on a comfy couch with a cup of tea. Just add a touch of rain and light music of your choice, and you’ve got Nan’s idea of a perfect afternoon. 


    See Moss Hill from the perspective of other characters in town. This collection of short stories takes place during the events of Book 5 of The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries: Potions and Panic. 

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