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Comfy Cozy Podcast

Get all the details about A Frightfully Cozy Book Fair on Etta Welk's Comfy Cozy Podcast!

If you haven't yet listened to Comfy Cozy Podcast, you'll want to check it out. Every week, Etta and her mother, Deb, discuss cozy mysteries. There are books reviews, author interviews, and more!

Check out the latest episode of Comfy Cozy Podcast, where Etta and her mother, Deb, review The Study of Secrets by Cynthia Kuhn. This is the fifth book in A Lila MacLean Academic Mystery series, which follows and English professor who is the foremost authority on an author whose home she is visiting. This is an interesting series and the discussion is a fun time!

Also, on this weeks' epsode, Etta and I give you all the details about A Frightfully Cozy Book Fair. You can listen to the podcast here: Read more about the fair by checking out this previous post.

Next week, I'll be talking with Etta about my work as an author and some of the behind-the-scenes about my writing life, so be sure to check out the next episode of A Comfy Cozy Podcast.

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