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New Website: The Cozy Mystery Library

What is the Cozy Mystery Library? When is it going live? All the details are below!

Free Cozy Mysteries!

The Cozy Mystery Library lists cozy mystery books that are always free! No worries about missing sales, I scoured the internet and found over 50 mysteries that are permanently free. As I find more, I'll list them, too. Most free cozy mysteries are firsts in the series, so you may find a new series you like!

Games and More

The Cozy Mystery Library also offers jigsaw puzzles and other games readers might enjoy. I'm just getting started, so I've only got a few puzzles on the site so far, but I'll be adding more as soon as possible. I'll also be adding chapters of some of my books as audio and will be happy to add audio chapters of other author's books if they would like theirs added to the site.

Writer Help

I've listed books and websites that authors may find helpful for writing, finding covers, advertising and more. Many of these are ones I've tried myself and found helpful.


Keep track of cozy mystery events around the web. I update the calendar often with the goal of keeping track of all the events around the cozy mystery community from book clubs to book tours. If you know of a cozy event that's not listed, let me know and I'll add it to the site.

Book Fairs

I'm planning to host four book fairs over the course of this year: Cozy Romance, Cozy Café/Bakery, Paranormal cozies, and Cozy Holiday mysteries. The book fairs will be free for authors and readers to attend. If you're an author, you're welcome to list your books with or without attending. If you're a reader, you'll get a catalog in advance so you'll know which books are on sale during the fair. Find out more when the website goes live.

If you have a suggestion for anything you'd like to see on the site, let me know!

The Cozy Mystery Library goes live February 1st!

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