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New Series: A Witch's Thrift Shop

Looking for a new Witchy cozy series? This one's a little different.

I'm so excited about this new series!

      Those who have been following me on social media might know that I consider my faerie series to be in the cozy fantasy genre. The difference, to me, between my books and cozy mysteries is that I like to delve into myth and magic so that the fantasy element is as strong as anything else in the story. This new series does the same thing.

        I'm particularly proud of the characters in this series. Alice Adelcraft is street-savvy and can handle anything, though discovering the existence of witches and wizards around the corner of the antique shop where she works, throws Alice for a loop. Wandering into Magic Row by following a magical cat, Alice finds a whole new world, a magical trinket that changes her live forever, and a dead body!

She's seen enough of the world to know that if she doesn't stand up for the teen witch and wizard twins accused of the murder, no one will help prove their innocence. But, stepping into the Magic Row community means posing as a witch, and being found out means facing a hex so terrible only a rare person would risk it. Will Alice's choice become the biggest mistake of her life or the best discovery of her lifetime?

I'm in the middle of the second book, editing the first and the writing is flowing almost magically! I can't wait to share this series with you in March. I'll be launching the series with a Great Escapes Book Tour. If you haven't seen the Great Escapes Book Tours before, check out their website at

There are plenty of cozy mystery tours for books that I'm sure you'll love. I'll continue to update you on the series and the tour here and on my Twitter and Facebook pages. Thanks for reading!

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