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Sneak Peak of Vexed Vendors

Book 5, Vexed Vendors, is the last book in A Witch's Thrift Shop Mystery.

       Alice Adelcraft has come a long way since she stumbled upon Magic Row. Not only has she learned witches and wizards are real, but she's discovered secrets about herself that have changed everything. Now that she knows her past, Alice must figure out her future, specifically whether or not she can find a place in the magical community.

         But a happily ever after might not be possible, especially with a powerful warlock criminal still on the loose. When every potential witness to the warlock's identity is mysteriously found dead, Alice worries her friends and the wizard she falling for, the powerful Sebastian Delvaux, will become the next targets. Will Alice be able to find the warlock before he kills the people she loves? 

Vexed Vendors will be out in September 2020.

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