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Wicked Wishlists is now on PreOrder!

See the summary and read the first chapter here.


       When ordinary Alice Adelcraft met wizard Sebastian (Baz) Delvaux, Baz nearly hexed Alice for wandering into Magic Row. But, now that she's pretending to be a witch, Alice has gotten to know Baz and the rest of the magical community. She's even starting to like Baz, maybe more than she should considering he's engaged to a witch from a prominent magical family. Rich and powerful wizards like Baz live in their own social circles, but he's shown himself to be different. That's why Alice can't believe it when he is accused of murdering his uncle for his fortune. Can Alice prove Baz's innocence without exposing her lack of magic? Or will she discover that on Magic Row, secrets are everywhere?


    Alice didn’t usually pay attention to the newspaper vending machine in front of A Witch’s Thrift Shop. Magic Row’s newspapers, whose featured articles literally jumped off the pages, had startled Alice when she’d first noticed them. Once she got used to the letters and photos hovering in mid-air inside the glass case, Alice was able to ignore them. She didn’t need “Low, Low Prices” on brooms from The Essential Mage, and didn’t much care that Head Witch Charlotte Fowler was in town.

    But this morning, the headline read: “Death at Delvaux Mansion.”

    It not only caught Alice’s attention, but her breath was snatched out of her lungs and into the cool spring air. The only Delvaux she knew was Sebastian, or Baz as everyone called him. Alice had first thought of Baz as evil, then as cold, and, more recently, as thawing like Urbana in the springtime. Lately, Alice had begun to hope for a budding friendship between them.

    And now that hope flitted away. A blue-wing butterfly scarcely touched the metal top of the newspaper rack before Alice’s outcry scared it off. She hadn’t even realized she’d gasped as she hurried to the machine.

    Twisting her curly, black hair out of her face, Alice fumbled with her purse to snag a quarter. She was surprised to find her hand trembling as she dropped the coin into the slot. Her reflection in the glass was pale, though for Alice, pale was just a lighter tan than usual. Still, the brown eyes reflecting back at her were near panic. Did Baz mean that much to her?

    She opened the case. Seizing the paper, Alice read aloud in a quivering voice, “This morning, found dead at the foot of his bed, billionaire wizard Perseus Delvaux appeared to have been hexed.”

    Alice exhaled. It wasn’t Sebastian Delvaux. Baz was fine. But according to the line dancing in front of Alice’s eyes, he was also “a person of interest” in the pending investigation.


       Hope you enjoyed this excerpt from the first chapter of Wicked Wishlists. The book is available now for pre-order on Amazon for just 99cents. The book is scheduled for official release July 1st, 2020.

(Coming Soon for PreOrder on Barnes and Noble)

Thanks for reading!

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